Pool Rules (4/2006)

Pinon Park Pool Association


Approved by the Board of Directors April 2006

1. The lifeguards have full authority in enforcing all the rules in the pool or on

pool property.

2. Anyone entering the pool premises will obey the rules or be subject to

expulsion. Serious violations, as determined by the Board of Directors, may

result in suspension of membership. Anyone whose membership has been revoked

may not enter the pool premises under any circumstances.

3. All pool members and guests are required to sign in and out of the basket


4. No swimming is permitted unless a lifeguard is present.

5. Parents are responsible for instructing their children to obey all rules and


6. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to smoke on pool property.

7. Alcohol is prohibited. No intoxicated persons will be allowed on premises.

8. Derogatory, abusive, or foul language will not be tolerated.

9. Children age 8 and under must be under the supervision of a parent or

caretaker. It is recommended that children ages 9 to 12 not be at the pool

for more than four (4) hours at one time without supervision. Parents must

provide children with the appropriate provisions, including sunscreen, water

and food.

10. No swimming is permitted near or under the diving board or slides when

the diving board or slides are in use.

11. Do not hang or climb on the pool ropes.

12. Observe traffic rules when lane swimming. Only adults and students who

can swim laps will be allowed in the marked lanes during the designated

lane swimming times.

13. Running, pushing, dunking, or any practice that interferes with the pleasure

of, or endangers the safety of swimmers, is prohibited.

14. All swimmers must take soap showers before entering the pool.

15. For sun protection, please use high SPF lotions. No suntan oils are allowed.

16. All members and guests will clean up their own spills, litter, etc. before

leaving the pool.

17. Anyone with a skin infection, an open sore or ear discharge, or any

communicable disease will not be permitted in the pool without a

physician’s statement.

18. Swimmers will remove Band-Aids and dispose of chewing gum before

entering the pool.

19. No spitting, spouting, blowing noses or otherwise contaminating the pool

water is allowed. Parents will instruct their children specifically in this rule.

20. Inflatable and non-inflatable devices will be permitted with direct adult

supervision and at the discretion of the lifeguards.

21. Parents or a responsible party must accompany babies and children using

the wading pool behind the fence. There will be absolutely no exceptions

to this rule.

22. NO GLASS IS PERMITTED IN THE POOL AREA. This includes but is not limited

to: glasses, bakeware, Pyrex, corningware, plates, dishes, bowls, etc.

23. No animals or pets will be allowed in the bathhouse or pool area.

24. The abusive use of any facility, equipment, or property is prohibited. The

responsible member or lessee will be charged for damage incurred.

25. Children who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper while in the

water. There will be no exceptions. Swim diapers are available for sale in

the basket room.

26. The pool is not responsible for lost articles. Found articles will be placed

in the lost and found bin, eventually donated to charity if not claimed.

Check the bin regularly.

27. Regular swim wear and T-shirts are the only acceptable attire in the water.

No cutoffs are permitted.

28. Members planning to bring a group of ten (10) or more (including guests and

members) during regular pool hours must notify pool personnel at least one

day in advance to assure adequate lifeguard coverage.

29. Grievances should be called to the attention of the pool manager or

lifeguards. If no satisfaction is realized, a signed letter of a grievance

should be submitted to the Board of Directors.